Love review, understanding my Introvert. 

So he sent me an email, complaining. 

I read it and just ☺smiled. 

He said… 

“…Enclosed is a picture, that if you take the quietness and time to read and
>> understand may just put into perspective some intricate things regarding
me, (a major introvert).
The point is not to be judged, but to come across as intriguing even with my crazy and weird ideas and words.

He thought I was judging him. The good thing about him, he let’s me know when we are not on the right page, and we fix things to be on the right page. 

I replied… 

You might or might never believe this but trust me i know most about
introverts…and believe this or not… I always understand you.
Sometimes i might be too disturbing but trust me when am blank i write
or text anything to people i value…(like you )

‘Just let me know when am soo
annoying…because how will i know:)

I always understand you…believe me.I think of you as a normal
person… I Don’t mean introverts are abnormal.

He thinks he understands me more than I do to him, it’s like we are competing on who understands who most and it’s so interesting. 😊😊😜😜

My Introvert is so Interesting .😙


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