I’ll never say I miss you again.

Anytime I read this(The Story about Leah),I feel so good.

‘Atleast someone sees (saw)

something in me’,I say (said)

Well, whether I’m writing in present or past,I wish I could just travel back in time when I felt like I belonged to someone,I still do feel it but I fear my owner doesn’t know me anymore.Is it the new job? Is it me? Is it my age? It can’t be my behaviour,no.

I can’t help but think about this one person that once kissed my lips, that once came to see me whenever I called, that once touched my skin,so deep,I can’t help but miss the moments.

This might be last writing, Incase you fail to say something. But just know, I’m (my heart)suffering.

I will never say I miss you again, I’ll just end up the same, just like in Chemistry when there’s no change on litmus paper.



9 thoughts on “I’ll never say I miss you again.

      1. shit. sorry for getting back at you so late. But yup yup i still want to collab. App 0729865731 when you’re free.
        Bleeeehhh. I’m pumped. let’s do this


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