A poet is one who is in love with a language or languages.

My mother language is Dhouluo,

Since Swahili is a National Language in my country I grew up speaking it with people around me and it was also compulsory and taught in school.

Well English is also my country’s National language as my country was colonized by British and as well taught and compulsory subject in school.

So that makes Japanese 日本語 my fourth. Well I can’t say I’m good at it but ever since I started learning this language I fell in love with it.

I have participated in The 10th and 11th Japanese Speech contest. I won the Most Outstanding Speech in one of the competitions and that was a wake up call to further my Japanese language. Click on the link below to view my 11the Japanese Speech contest’s Speech. I think you’ll love it and you might want to start you Japanese lessons😊💕


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  1. Ken Neds says:

    Eloquent and witty.. Didn’t understand the Q&A segment but I bet you nailed it, judging by the giggles from your audience..


  2. Wow! Nyaluo itimo maber!
    I’m a fun of the Spanish language, French and ultimately our mother tongue Dholuo..
    Congratulations & ‘Nyasaye ogwedhi’

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