Dearest beloved,

I can be stupid sometimes…or almost all the time when I’m with you.
But my stupidity was out of line the last time I saw you.
I might have apologized but I feel it’s not enough.

I could do anything to please you babes.

I know if you we’re Christian Grey (Of Fifty Shades) you’d ‘punish’ me. I’d be your submissive. You’d be my dorminant I swear… The way you drive me crazy.
But you don’t have to be him to punish me even though you have quite some resemblance to the Character.
Anyway this letter might bring upon certain things which might make you sullen as you’re so angry at me but don’t be.
However you look even more adorable and cute when angry or being sullen.
The thing is that I am deeply apologetic on my kind of behaviour last time we met.
I hope that you understand how anyone can make any mistake and that you’re able to forgive me.
This is due to the fact that I value us more than anything. I mean it’s been the best years since we met thereby I would never take you or our relationship for granted.
We met just at the right time, you made me a woman and taught me how to be one. I love you for that!
I was just a mere Village Belle before I met you, I still am 😊.
All in all I submit all my apologies at your disposal for almost ruining your kingly bathroom and not telling you such an important situation I was in during our intense yet sweetest moments of our love making or rather awesome situation as you would call it.
I still have the gift I got you and trust me you gonna forget what I did after you see it.
I shall be taking care that such things do not occur in future. Giving you all the love and care and admiring your timeless hard work, cuteness and kindness.
I miss you and I wish you could hurry up in the forgiveness part so that submit myself.
Bye darling 😘

I love you.

Mata ne.




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