UK (You Okay?)

Aaaahh! No I’m not.

Being far away from him…

Come on God.

Darling It’s like I’m gonna loose…and lose you

Eeeh! Okay. No, not okay.

Finally I realised how much… I love you.

Gilbert… It’s only the two of us who know about Gill.

How now… And why do you have to live.

Instantly and spontaneously just like that.

Janot… Janot…Janot.

Killing me😭. I’m gonna be lonely.

Leah is gonna miss the G.

My ooh my… You we’re so wild yesterday 😊

No it can’t be the last one as you said.

On and on… It was awesome yeah!!!

Phoebe loves you 😩

Quite people…. Shhhh. It’s gonna work out.

Running from me… No way. You just gonna study and work.

Shut up Leah, you gonna see… again.

Turn Gill up.

Untie the emotions…

Vandawal… did I get it right… Such forces between us…

Win it darling, he’s stole yours

Xoxo darling 😘
You deserve each other.

Zip up.


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